Welcome to UK TV Zone!

On this site you can stream live uk tv from over 30 channels for FREE! No other streaming  site has been built the same way as UKTVZone. Here we concentrate on 2 things, 1 -site navigation for easy channel hopping and 2 - Leaving out certain data so you get better streaming.

Need help? You will find it on our Facebook page & again its all FREE!

What is Streaming? When something is happening live and you are watching it via the Internet then that is Streaming. Generally, the SD streams are 400-500 kbps, HD will be more than double,
this means that you will download approximately 230 MBytes per hour watching SD and 553 MBytes per hour watching HD. These numbers are average as bitrates always vary depending on a picture used.

If you want to use UKTV Zone to watch your English TV abroad then your next step is to see what equipment you have and what will be the fastest way to access this site with it. Most people are creating quick links or making this page their home page on their Smart TV's Web Browser so you are only a few clicks away from your UK TV!
UK TV Zone has been designed to keep your Internet signal running as smooth as possible.
UK TV Zone has been kept as simple as possible steering clear from high res pictures & unnecessary data to keep your cables clear for streaming live UK TV only.

I built this site for myself as I was having so much trouble with other sites navigation & streaming. I now have UK TV channel's a few clicks away by making this page my home page on my Smart TV's Web Browser.

To set UKTVZone as your home page on your Smart TV or iptv's browser there is a simple how to video on the UK TV Zone's Facebook Page! If you need any other help don't hesitate to ask.


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